Traditional Vs Modern Wedding Anniversary Gift

Wedding Anniversary

I have been married for 5 years and I just realized that hubby and I we never celebrated in the 5 years of being together so which got me thinking what are the traditional gifts and guess the is now modern gifts hence the traditional vs modern wedding anniversary gift.
When it comes to something’s I really appreciate tradition, therefore I will stick to the traditional way of doing things.

Anniversary           Traditional                 Modern 
1st                           Paper                             Clocks
2nd                          Cotton                           China
3rd                         Leather                           Crystal/Glass
4th                         Fruit/Flower                    Appliances
5th                            Wood                            Silverware
6th                         Candy/Iron                        Wood
7th                         Wool/Copper                  Desk Sets
8th                        Potter/Bronze                 Linens/Lace
9th                       Willow/Pottery                     Leather
10th                    Tin/Aluminium                 Diamond Jewellery
11th                       Steel                                Fashion Jewellery
12th                     Silk/Linen                            Pearls
13th                   Lace Textile                           Furs
15th                    Animals                             Gold Watches
20th                    Crystal                               Watches
25th                    China                                  Platinum
30th                     Pearl                                  Diamond
35th                   Coral                                        Jade
40th                    Ruby                                       Ruby
45th                   Sapphire                             Sapphire
50th                      Gold                                      Gold
60th                   Diamond                             Diamond

So after comparing the lists there is one traditional gift I will swap with modern gift that is the 15 years anniversary gift I am not an animal person so I would prefer the gold watch instead.The modern gift diamond appears three times well diamonds are a girl’s best friend.

So are you a traditional or modern or a little bit of both? When it comes to celebrating your wedding anniversary.

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