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Let’s get real for a little bit here, I am so bloody unprepared for this baby. Who is due any day now? I find myself so unprepared for baby number 2, yes you heard me. I am 34 weeks pregnant; also have not packed my hospital bag yet.

It is because I am not feeling like it and just damn too exhausted all the freaking time.

What is worse is I am on this app BabyCenter and everyone in my birth month is nesting, everything is set and bought just waiting for the baby to arrive. I am like where the hell do you get the bloody energy ladies.

Here is where I am in preparing for the arrival of baby number 2. The clothes are still at the store, yes, I lay- byed the clothes at Ackermans and have been totally lazy to go fetch them (go ahead and judge me, don’t care)


Another thing I have not bought any toiletries, medicines and feeding essentials for the new-born.

Don’t know what is up with this pregnancy, that is making me so lazy. Fatigue has been showing me flames from the start of this pregnancy until now. When I come back from work all I want to do is just eat and sleep.

My house is a mess all the damn time and the laundry gets done when I feel like it. Well, I have no choice but to buy groceries, otherwise my opinionated daughter while me telling me how starving she is.

Feeling kind of envious of all those pregnant mommies in my birth club on BabyCenter app. Who has everything all figured out and enjoying their pregnancies?

The only thing I have sorted for this baby is having a name ready for both a boy and a girl.


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