Wanderlust Tag

Wanderlust tag

I was tagged by the awesome Sara from in the wanderlust tag. Being a travel addict, I couldn’t resist completing it of course.

So here goes,

1.Your most treasured passport stamp?

The only stamp that I have (hahahaha) North America Orlando Florida, planning to collect more stamps in the near future.

2.Can you recite your passport # (number) from memory if asked?

Oh wow you are making me feel bad, I don’t know it at all. (Feeling embarrassed)

3.Preferred method of travel: planes, trains or automobiles?

If it was possible to travel overseas with trains, I would be my first option. I really hate flying it really cold up there.

4.Top 3 travel items?

Visa Card

5.Hostel or hotel?

I love my privacy I prefer hotels from 4 star upwards. I need to feel home away from home and be able to sleep peacefully at night.

6.Are you a repeat visitor or do you explore new places?

I am a new visitor, but I would love to visit many more places as possible, preferably every country that my South African passport allows me to visit without a visa.

7.Do you read up on your destination (culture, history, safety) or do you wing it?

Yes, I read a lot about my visit to Orlando, Florida I was obsessed daily. I will also read for my future travels

8. Favourite travel websites?

I use Travelstart to find the best affordable flights and I recently fell in love with because you can book without paying a deposit and still cancel to the very last minute. TripAdvisor I love it for reading other traveler reviews about certain things to know what I am getting myself into.

9.Where would you recommend a friend to visit? Name city & why.

Being that I have only visited one place so far, I cannot currently recommend a city maybe in the next two years. (Fingers crossed)

10.You’re leaving tomorrow, money is no option, where are you going?

Oh my goodness Asia I love countries that have are exotic like Malaysia, Hong Kong, India, I love their interesting food, fashion and way of life.
I dream about visiting Turkey I just love the architecture it’s really interesting and then be off to Paris, Greece, Tahiti, Hawaii (Aloha) and oh my gosh I must see Rome.

Basically I want to go everywhere.

I tag the following bloggers to add fuel to my (wanderlust) fire:

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A South African bloggers that enjoys sharing her experiences whether about a product or good/bad customer service. I started Ferocious Haven at the end of 2014 , now Life and Mo. I write about beauty products, product reviews , parenting journey and challenges and life and achieving personal finance.


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