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Trip to the Johannesburg Zoo

My family and I recently took a trip to the Johannesburg Zoo. Wow a lot has changed since I visited the Zoo . I was truly  suprised to see how the Zoo has improved and built a parking.

It was a lovely day at the Zoo , initially  planned to just take a stroll at the Zoo  lake but we took a detour.

Trip to the Johannesburg Zoo is an amazing way to spend a some quality time with the family. Away from the screens we are always look at for example phones, laptops and television.

The Price List 2018

We saw lot of animals and my daughter and her cousin went on a ride. Bought some popcorns, ice cream and drinks at the stores inside the Zoo. Gosh they are pricey though.

We could not the Gorilla because maybe he was sleeping or what he was no show.

Would like to make a  recommendation to the Zoo to add more maps to make it easy to navigate.

We only saw 2 maps  took us forever to find  the

All in all the Johannesburg Zoo is a establishment for a family to spend a day or few hours at. 



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  • Melissa Javan

    I have not been to the Zoo in Jozi and it’s so close to me. Will definitely make a plan, especially for my little one. I got a fright now when I saw your daughter posing with that gorilla in the photo, hahahaha

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