The Importance of Protecting Your Eye Health

The Importance of Protecting Your Eye Health

Recently took a trip to the Optometrists to get my checked and get an optical letter to renew my driver’s license. The results shocked me my eyesight got worse since the last time I checked it, which was more than five years ago. This got me thinking about the Importance of Protecting Your Eye Health. 

The doctor explained what could have caused my eyesight to worsen and make me even more short-sighted than I was. The news was that my left is weaker than my right. 

These are the things that causes your eyesight to worsen ;

  • Too much screen time like long hours on the phones, laptops, and television. 
  • Unhealthy diet 
  • Not wearing protective eye wear when getting screen time. 

It hit me, I had to to be serious about wearing my prescription glasses and limit my screen time. The fear of going blind troubled me all because I was reckless. 

See my work requires me to use the laptop, then as a blogger I spent hours on the phone for content creation without any kind of eye protection. 

Later, I watch the television to unwind from a long day from work. Here are some tips I found while I was researching how to improve my eyesight and keep my eyes protected as well. 

  • Eat healthy diet 
  • Wear protective eye wear when in the sun and getting screen time. 
  • Take breaks from phones, laptops, and television. 
  • Visit the Optometrists regularly to check my eyes and make sure my prescription is up to date. 

Hope this blog helps someone to look after themselves and no wearing prescription glasses is not stupid. 

Learn from my mistakes and the importance of protecting your eye health at all costs. 

I am taking this serious because I would love see my grandchildren should I have one. 

What are you doing to protect your eye health? 

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